Location & Nearby Attractions

Lake & River Kayak Adventure

Casa Laguna borders the back with a spectacular uncontaminated lagoon, rich in wildlife. This lagoon is created by the river San Felix and the Pacific Ocean. Grab the kayaks and explore the lagoon and get to the mouth of the river San Felix. Depending on the tides it is possible to start directly from the private pier of the house.


Casa Laguna is offer an unique Bird Watching Experience. You don’t need to go anywhere… the location is literally an heaven for lots of different birds. Is located in a very quite area and there is a own private access to the salty lake surraunded by mangroves… It will be an unbelievable experience!  Actually all the Area is an amazing spot for Birdwacher.

Lake, River & Ocean Fishing

Casa Laguna and Las Lajas Beach are a really perfect place for fishing lovers. From othe property you can fish in the lake direct from the private pier, but if you like more adventure, you can reach San Felix River (even by kayak) or just try on the beach. 

 Enjoy Lake, river & ocean

In Las Lajas you can decide to spend your time relaxing on the beach, or taking long walks (the sandy beach is 12 km long!). If you want to go into something wilder, the 2 lakes and the river San Felix are perfect for you! If you are a nature lover, this is definitely the right place for you.

Horseback riding

If you like horseback riding, here in Las Lajas you can have one of your best experiences! There are 2 different tours available, one to discover the 12 km of Las Lajas beach, the other, a bit more challenging, will take you to the hills behind, where you can discover petroglyphs, rocks carved by rivers and a breathtaking view of the beach and islands.

Body Board

Las Lajas Beach is the perfect place to enjoy the Pacific Ocean with a little bit of fun! Is most of the time wavy, maybe not enough for professional surfer, but really ok for beginners and body board lovers! Doesn’t matter your age… just came and enjoy it!

Turtles & Wild Animals

As mentioned earlier, if you are a nature lover, in Las Lajas you can see with your own eyes,  things that usually you will see just on National Geographic. This beach has always been the destination of sea turtles to lay their eggs. In the last year, an association that protects them has set up in the area, and in the period from September to November, you can see the release of the young after hatching eggs! But there are not only turtles… take a look at the gallery!

Ocean Day Trips

In less than an hour, you can reach the pier of Boca Chica where you can rent a boat that will take you to visit beautiful Caribbean style islands without having to leave the Pacific. Another closer place called Remedios, is starting to offer boat tour on the Island just in front our beautiful beach

Mountain day trip

In 1 hour driving you can reach those amazing and wild places. One is a little canyon made by Caldera River. You can jump and swim in the fresh and clear water, having a break from the heat of the beach. The other is the Naturals Hot Springs of Caldera. This beautiful place has small hot springs where you can relax before going to cool off in the fresh water of Caldera’a River.