Everything You Need

Lake & Mangroves

Casa Laguna has a private access to the lake which is located behind the property. The water of the lake is brackish because it is created where the mouth of the San Felix River meets the Ocean. For this reason the lake, like the sea, has its daily phases of high and low tide. Depending on the tides it is possible fishing, go kayaking or simply birdwatching.

Pizza Oven

Real Italian Pizza Napoletana

You will have the chance to learn. how to prepare and bake a perfect Napoli Style Pizza!!!


Casa Laguna has a nice Above Ground Pool in the middle of its tropical garden. The Pool is sourranded by a wooden deck, perfect spot for your sunbath.

Garden Rancho

The perfect shaded area, is the Rancho. Just next to the pool, in the middle of the tropical garden, equipped with hammocks and relaxing chairs. If you need a rest in a warm afternoon… this is the place!


Casa Laguna offers an exclusive, covered and gated parking area plus a large garage.

The Beach

Las Lajas has the longest sandy beach in Panama. It is walking distance from Casa Laguna and it will leave you breathless.